Quest to go solar leaves Holly Springs couple with year of headaches

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Monday, March 4, 2024
Quest to go solar leaves couple with year of headaches
Following a $47,000 solar system install on a Holly Springs home, the company ghosted -- leaving the couple with a big bill and no green energy.

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WTVD) -- The quest to go solar left a Holly Springs couple with a year of frustrations.

The company installed the system but then ghosted the couple before getting the system up and running.

"Did all the work, put all the panels up and everything, and then that was it -- just stopped after," Greg Monteleone said.

He said no response or further work from the installation company Sustainable Energy and Light Solutions or the agent Daybreak Solar Company.

"When they finished the project, they were supposed to get the electrical approved and they never did," Monteleone said.

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To make it worse, since the installation was technically done, Monteleone had to start paying for his $47,000 system to the finance company.

"It's spending money for nothing, you know?"

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson tried to reach all the companies involved in Monteleone's job, but they're either now out of business or didn't respond.

Monteleone is not alone as ABC11 has showed you how hundreds of homeowners who contracted with Pink Engery and were left with non-working solar systems after the North Carolina-based company shut down and declared bankruptcy.

Most recently we investigated another company, Encor Solar, which is now under investigation by the North Carolina Attorney General's Office for closing up shop and leaving customers without working solar systems.

As for Monteleone, it took some time, but he's finally getting relief.

Kevin Bergeron from The Solar Gladiator in Holly Springs along with Brad Griffith, with Thompson and Son Energy Solutions heard about Monteleone's obstacles and wanted to help.

"We are hoping in a couple of weeks that we will have this system up and running," Kevin Bergeron said.

"We are very fortunate where we got relief from the lender," Brad Griffith said.

Griffith and Bergerson said typically the lenders for the systems have a program that can help homeowners if their solar companies close shop and stop working on the job.

After nearly a year of waiting, thanks to The Solar Gladiator and Thompson and Son Energy Solutions, all the work is finally done and Monteleone's solar system is up and running.

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"This is a success story and I hope there are many more to come," Bergerson said.

Monteleone said it's been a long year of headaches and frustrations, but he and his wife are glad it's over and their system is finally working.

"I was very pleased, very pleased. I just want to thank these guys for helping out," Monteleone said.

The best advice if you are a homeowner and this happens to you, contact the lender right away to see if they have a program like Monteleone where there is financial help. Also, if you're thinking of going solar make sure you do your research. See what others are saying about the company, and take a look at where the company is based. Many of the companies that have closed shop with no notice are not based in the Triangle.