'No one's coming.' NC man lives without heat, uses space heaters for months: ABC11 Troubleshooter

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Friday, March 17, 2023
Durham man lives with no heat for month: ABC11 Troubleshooter
The man says he reported the issue in November 2022 and after the came out, the entire unit stopped working.

Can you imagine no heat for months in the winter? That's what a Durham man says he dealt with inside his apartment despite promises to fix it.

"Turn on the heat, nothing, you don't get nothing," said Gregory Shelton.

He says he reported the issue in November and maintenance did come out and tried to fix it, but then he says the entire unit stopped working. Shelton said management at his Durham apartment complex gave him a space heater while he waited for his HVAC system to be fixed.

"They keep on saying they're going to fix it. This guy is coming, this outside contractor is coming, and no one's coming."

After three months of waiting for a fix, Shelton told ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he was cold at night in his apartment and he couldn't take it anymore.

"One of my coworkers said well why don't you try Miss Diane, she might get the ball rolling."

ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson emailed Shelton's apartment complete. Within days a crew was at his apartment replacing his entire HVAC system and now Shelton has heat.

"You all were a blessing. Angels from heaven. Yes, ma'am, I sure appreciate you, I sure do."

When it comes to maintenance issues in your rental, documentation is key.

Just don't verbally report the issue, do it in writing and keep a record of each time you report the problem to show your efforts.

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