Raleigh restaurant gets back $20,000 after missing out on months of payments from Uber Eats

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Thursday, March 21, 2024
Missing Uber Eats payments issue solved for Raleigh eatery
Months of frustrations for a Raleigh restaurant owner appeased when Troubleshooter Diane Wilson takes the case.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Months of frustrations for a Raleigh restaurant owner appeased when Troubleshooter Diane Wilson takes the case.

Peter Kang of Zanyu Asian Noodles in Lafayette Village stopped getting payments from Uber Eats.

"From September on I didn't see nothing. So the last time we get paid was August 29th," Kang said.

In total, that meant Kang had been stiffed more than $20,000.

When Kang looked at his online history with Uber Eats, he saw his restaurant fulfilled the orders each month. Still, no payments came back to the restaurant.

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In December, he said he called Uber Eats. The company told him its fraud department would take over and investigate more to track down the problem.

Kang waited and continued to fulfill orders, but the restaurant still never received any payments from Uber Eats.

Kang's manager, Brad Shearer, eventually got involved. Together they reached out to Uber Eats repeatedly asking for a solution; as they did, the amount they were owed grew.

"Small businesses like this, every dollar, every cent counts," Shearer said.

With no sign of their money, Kang reached out to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Uber Eats.

"Nobody would respond back to us until you talked to them," Kang said.

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Uber Eats worked directly with Kang. It took some time, but Zanyu Asian Noodles finally got the more than $20,000 owed to them.

"You get the job done," Shearer said to Wilson

A representative for Uber Eats said this is a case where they believe Kang fell for a phishing scam. The company believes Kang clicked on an email from fraudsters impersonating Uber Eats. From that link, they think Kang changed his account information giving scammers access to those payments.

The company also said it's best to always directly call your Uber Eats representative to try to get issues like this resolved promptly.