Hometown Voices: ABC11 speaks to Raleigh voters about what they care about in 2020 election

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Hometown Voices: What Raleigh voters care about in 2020 election
Hometown Voices: What Raleigh voters care about in 2020 election

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- ABC11 is talking to voters all across central North Carolina in a Hometown Voices Tour to find out which issues they care about most in the run up to Vote 2020.

At a stop in northeast Raleigh in the community and parks around Triangle Town Center, voters concerns ranged from the spread of the coronavirus to racial injustice to the economy.


"Probably the racial issues happening in our country is going to the biggest deciding factor for me," said Raleigh resident Jackie Levine when asked what issues will sway her vote. "Obviously the way coronavirus is going to be handled potentially with the second wave."

"I will vote because I recognize it makes a difference," said Katherine Carl.

Carl explained coronavirus and the economy were also important issues to her. "Showing up every single person. And I think everybody should go out and vote their conscience. It's what we need to do to be the nation that that we were born to be," Carl said.

Near Triangle Town Center shopping center, Raleigh resident Alexander Temple said his big issues leading up to the election were the "economy, the money, and more jobs."

Meantime, veteran and Raleigh resident Arthur Strunk said the economy is the biggest issue for him.

"I am going to support Mr. Trump," Strunk said. "He's the best, best person to handle the economy. The coronavirus is going to go away, eventually, and then we're back to business as usual, Democrats can't produce," Strunk said.

Wake Forest resident Teresa Hale said the coronavirus is front and center on her mind leading up to the election.

"Well, we're standing here wearing masks during this interview," Hale said. "Because we have had such failed leadership from the Trump administration on a global pandemic health issue. And, I am so tired of this being a political point, it is a public health issue. I will definitely be voting either absentee ballot or in person. I can mask and glove I don't care I will definitely vote and encourage everyone to vote," Hale added.

Election day is Nov. 3.