'Sounds like we're all doing pretty well': Fayetteville gym owner says memberships have quadrupled as NC COVID restrictions loosen

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Memberships surge at Fayetteville gym as COVID restrictions loosen
Gyms seeing spike in business as North Carolina continues to relax restrictions.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- As North Carolina loosens more COVID-19 restrictions, some gyms are starting to see a surge in memberships.

Bryan Limtiaco is the owner of World Gym Fayetteville off of North McPherson Church Road.

Limtiaco said plenty of gyms are in the same boat with this recent influx of members.

"Sounds like we're all doing pretty well right now," Limtiaco said.

The Fayetteville gym has seen its up and downs since COVID-19 first swept the nation, but what was once a steady flow of people has now turned into a conversation about putting a cap to more people joining.

"I say it's like that New Year's rush now, for the past 10 months. But usually New Year's rush is two to three months," said Limtiaco.

In the last three months, Limtiaco told ABC11 they've quadrupled their memberships and overall sales. He attributed this spike to people's eagerness to return to a group exercise work environment and the state getting a handle on the virus.


In addition, the gym has also received many active military members who have been seeking a place to stay fit, during the pandemic, while many Fort Bragg gyms remain closed.

This extra flow of income is going directly to expansion and purchasing more equipment to meet the high demand, according to Limtiaco. It will entail more space, more cardio machines and a new aerobic room.

Limtiaco doesn't expect this gym rush to last forever but says he will utilize this time to strengthen his business.