School in Alaska bans cellphones, reports increase in engagement and studying

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (WTVD) -- One Alaska school is reaping benefits from making students put down their cellphones.

Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage implemented a phone-free policy in August and guess what happened? The school says students are more engaged and are more diligent about studying.

"Over time, I just came to adapt to it," one student said. "Since we're not on our cellphone, we can interact more."

Students can bring their phone to school, but have to leave it in their homeroom class at the beginning of the day.

Earlier this year, San Mateo High School in San Mateo, California became the largest school in America to go phone-free. In some cases, schools banned cellphones because parents were incessantly keeping up with their kids throughout the day.
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