How Fayetteville gyms are preparing amid coronavirus concerns

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
How Fayetteville gyms are preparing amid coronavirus concerns
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How Fayetteville gyms are preparing amid coronavirus concerns

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The ever-growing presence of COVID-19 in the U.S. has many gyms, including some in Cumberland County, bracing for impact.

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In the past several days, World Gym staff in Fayetteville discussed ways to stay on top of preventing this virus from spreading.

World Gym owner Bryan Limtiaco said wiping down surfaces in his gym has become even more regular, staff even placing signs that encourage members to constantly wash their hands.

"Keeping the, you know, common areas, as far as bathrooms sanitary," Limtiaco said.

Randal "Chuck" Webster, a longtime member of World Gym, said he's read up on the new strand of the coronavirus and is well-aware of the danger.

"It does concern me, like uh, as it should and it would anyone else," Webster said.

However, the Fayetteville resident isn't letting it stop him from enjoying his routine work outs.

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Webster told ABC11 he's following the CDC's guidelines by properly washing his hands and practicing good hygiene at the gym, while also boosting his immune system with each work out.

"You know, take your vitamins and just try to come to the gym and get plenty of fluids in you," Webster added.

Limtiaco said gyms, like other populated areas, can become a petri dish for harmful bacteria and viruses, which is why they're also encouraging staff and members to stay home if they're sick.

A similar mindset and strategy several 9Round Fitness facilities in Cumberland County are taking.

Gina Gerard, the owner of the Fayetteville 9Rounds, said she held a meeting with her staff on Monday afternoon, requiring there to be more hand sanitizer available for staff and members.

In addition, the businesses are increasing the amount of times they wipe down punching bags, mats, and other items used.

"Ensure that if anyone isn't feeling well, they're allowed to stay home," Gerard said.

Gerard hopes the uptick in cleaning and sanitary products will be the one-two punch needed to keep the virus away.

Meanwhile, Webster hopes this serves as a reminder for others to always practice good hygiene.

"I wish people would take washing their hands more serious. Not because of the outbreak of the coronavirus," Webster said.

Both businesses said they are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and say more precautions and measures could be taken in the future.