Worried about new month of bills? Tips to manage finances during COVID-19

Many people facing the daunting task of making payments amid COVID-19.

Despite the financial uncertainty for many, experts recommend you remain calm and devise a plan of action by focusing on the essentials.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, those essentials should be rent, food and utilities.


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For those worried about paying this month's mortgage, the CFPB recommends you get in contact with your lenders and explain your situation. They say all financial institutions should be understanding of the current pandemic and work with you.

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This tip also applies to paying credit cards or loans. You'll want to contact your creditors and work towards a compromise.

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Financial advisers told ABC11, during this uncertain time, people should also avoid using credit cards altogether.

In addition, Gov. Roy Cooper has rendered more aid to North Carolinians by stopping utility companies from disconnecting peoples's electric, gas, water and waste services for the next 60 days, if those families are unable to pay their bills.

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With one less worry, financial advisers said the other big essential is putting food on the table. They encourage shoppers to only purchase what they need to avoid food from going bad.

They also advise individuals to separate their wants and needs to create a tighter budget that can last through these uncertain times.

This entails cutting back on fast food, subscriptions and losing some memberships you no longer utilize.

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