Did Google or Apple add a COVID-19 tracking app to your smartphone?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Google, Apple phones provide framework for COVID-19 tracking apps
Here in North Carolina, there is not a COVID-19 tracking app available from the state.

Did Apple or Google just add a COVID-19 tracking app on your smartphone?

It's a question Troubleshooter Diane Wilson continues to get from viewers and the simple answer is no.

If you have an iPhone and you downloaded the latest update, go to Settings, then Privacy, and tap Health you will see COVID-19 Exposure Logging.

Both Apple and Google added what's known as an application programming interface that will enable exposure notifications to work, with an app, if you choose to install an app.

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So basically all Google and Apple did was provide the framework to support any COVID-19 tracking app.

This tool will not work unless you enable it.

Here in North Carolina, there is not a COVID-19 tracking app available from the state.

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A representative from the Department and Health and Human Services said: "North Carolina is not currently using any GPS, Bluetooth or other location-based contact notification apps, but we are looking at all options."

Even if a COVID-19 tracking app does become available, you still have to choose to install it.

Also remember when you download any app, take a look at what information you're potentially giving up, as they can track your location, have access to your contacts, pictures and browsing history. So you make sure you look at what permission you're giving before downloading any app.