Driver didn't take NC Tollway and was charged until a photo showed a different vehicle

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022
NC driver charged for taking the NC Tollway despite not driving it
Every time a car passes through a North Carolina toll collection, a camera takes a picture of your license plate and the state sends you a bill.

CLAYTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Every time a car passes through these North Carolina toll collection sites while driving the Triangle Expressway, a camera takes a picture of your license plate and the state sends you a bill. Mona Raymond's husband got one of these bills.

Raymond says, "He's like, I don't think I take the tollway."

Living in Clayton, and not remembering driving the expressway, the Raymonds called NC Quick Pass customer service and disputed the charges.

"They pulled the license plate and it said, the Nissan, but when they looked at the picture of where they captured, it was a whole different vehicle like a white SUV," added Raymond.

It was a different car than the Raymonds'. From the picture on the toll bill, at first glance, it may appear to be their license plate, but a bike rack is blocking the full view of the plate.

Raymond said customer service refunded what they paid in tolls since it was not their vehicle.

However, the next month, another bill came in the mail and it wasn't so easy this time when they called customer service.

"You'll have to wait. It'll be reviewed, but a manager never reached back out to us," Raymond said,

The Raymonds got in touch with ABC11 and Troubleshooter Diane Wilson reached out to NC Quick Pass. A representative with the NC Quick Pass confirmed that the Raymonds aren't responsible for the charges, but instead another car with a similar license plate with a bike rack that is obstructing the full plate, causing it to be misread.

The representative added that they've flagged both license plates in the system to require a manual review of all future transactions, so the Raymonds will not receive someone else's bill.

This is a good reminder to always check your bills, you don't just want to pay them before making sure you're responsible for all of the charges.