New details emerge from chaotic night when Raleigh police officer was shot

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- As the suspect in the shooting of Raleigh police officer Charles Ainsworth made another court appearance, new details in the case were unfolding thanks to police radio traffic released by RPD and information from a source close to the case.

Cedric Kearney, 24, is now also charged with shooting at a second officer who was with Ainsworth.

Also in court for the first time was Antonio Fletcher, 21, who is charged with possessing a stolen gun at the crime scene Wednesday night.

But the story started five days earlier at the same West Raleigh townhouse complex project.


"It was an online date went bad. So the guy said that the female walked from one apartment out and met him in the parking lot. They went for a walk up on Teakwood and the guy came out from behind a dumpster," an officer recounted on his police radio just minutes before the shooting.

The source said the man behind the dumpster was Kearney and that Kearney and the woman set the man up to be robbed.

The victim was robbed of his wallet, cash, and his car.


Then Wednesday evening, a man at the complex who, according to radio traffic had helped the robbery victim days earlier, called 911.

"The reason I called is because I saw a car matching the description literally go up and park exactly where the robbery happened and two individuals got out of the car and were acting very suspicious," the caller told the dispatcher.

Officer Ainsworth and his partner, Officer B. A. Halpin, quickly realized they might be able to nab the carjacker.

Halpin called in on his radio saying, "Me and Ainsworth are at Sandlin and Shaub on foot. Lane is in his vehicle at the same location."

Another officer responded with a warning that the suspect might be armed based on information from the carjacking victim.

"Hey, just be advised there was a (gun) last time," he said.

As other officers set up on the perimeter Ainsworth and Halpin walked up to the car and announced their presence.


The source says the officers had their guns drawn but one suspect immediately turned toward them and started firing.

Halpin then made the radio call no officer ever wants to make.

"Raleigh, I need units now! Shot in the neck. Officer down. Officer ... ah," he exclaimed.

Halpin apparently returned fire as the suspect fled but didn't hit him.

The source said Halpin then tried to staunch Ainsworth's bleeding while keeping the gun trained on the second suspect who was armed but cooperated with police.

All the while, he was still trying to direct the manhunt for the fleeing suspect, calling in again on his radio.

"Go towards Deboy. Go towards Deboy. I got one over here on the ground! Someone stand over here with him."

Other officers arrived quickly and assisted in rushing Ainsworth to the hospital.

The source said when the officers showed up, Kearney was trying to retrieve the keys he had locked inside the stolen car.

Later, Kearney was captured after he locked himself inside a shed in which he was trying to hide, according to a neighbor.

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