Planet Fitness, O2 Fitness, Crunch and Orangetheory combine to lay out detailed plan for reopening

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Friday, May 29, 2020
O2 Fitness, Crunch, Orangetheory combine to lay out detailed plan for reopening
Under the plan, employees as well as attendees would be required to adhere to multiple safety regulations in the gym and require monitoring at different stations.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A new 14-step, 53-point plan was put together by a combination of popular gym chains including O2 Fitness, Crunch, Orangetheory Fitness and True Fit Gym over Memorial Day weekend to prepare for their reopening.

The plan, called Fitness Operators for a Responsible Reopening (FORR), addresses safety measures gyms would put in place which would include all members getting their own spray bottles when they walk in.

Once gyms are out of bottles, that means they're at capacity. When the bottles come back, staff would sanitize them and they'd have to sit for 10 minutes, according to Doug Warf, president of O2 Fitness.

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Gyms are allowed to open in Phase 2 of North Carolina's reopening plan, which could start as early as this weekend.

"We did not help Governor Cooper or Secretary Cohen formulate a good plan and we felt like we dropped the ball," Warf said.

He and other gym owners initially felt blindsided by not being allowed to reopen in Phase 2 of the state's plan.

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"We want to be open because everyone feels it's the right thing to do, not through a lawsuit, we're not going to begrudge those that do it's just not the path we're looking at," he said, referring to the five gyms owners this who filed a lawsuit against the Governor in hopes of coming back.

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Under the plan, O2 would rotate cardio machines, make it mandatory for employees to wear masks, and also ensure clubs use a sanitation fogging machine at the end of each day.

There'd also be one person monitoring the floor and the different stations to make sure people are keeping their distance.

No showers or towels would be offered for the time being; nor would child care be available until a later phase

"To think we're going to come back in and be where we were in January is outlandish," Warf said. "It does start the process and it's the start of the rehealing process."