Search warrants reveal why 4 people are behind bars in connection to shooting of officer Ainsworth

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- New details from search warrants explain why investigators charged four people in connection to the shooting of Officer Charles Ainsworth, when only one person pulled the trigger.

Ainsworth was shot Jan. 9 while investigating reports of a stolen vehicle at an apartment complex off Western Boulevard. Raleigh Police Department said two men were near the suspected stolen vehicle when officers arrived. One of those men opened fire, seriously injuring Ainsworth.

The next day, four people were behind bars.

Search warrants explain that the stolen car that brought Ainsworth to the scene was part of a robbery earlier in January. The vehicle was reported stolen Jan. 4.

According to the warrant, Cedric Kearney and Sherry Richmond, who are in a romantic relationship, told police they used a dating app to lure the owner of the vehicle to Schaub Drive in Raleigh. Richmond feigned interest in the vehicle's owner and convinced him to meet her at Schaub Drive. Once there, Kearney threatened him with a pistol and stole his vehicle.

Kearney faces charges of attempted murder. Investigators said he is the one who shot Ainsworth on Jan. 9. Sherry Richmond was in a nearby apartment complex when the shooting happened.

The two other people behind bars in connection to the shooting of Ainsworth are Antonio Fletcher and his sister Amonie Fletcher.

Antonio was the man standing next to Kearney when the shooting happened.

According to search warrants, Amonie facilitated and committed a breaking and entering and larceny of a Holly Springs home with Kearney and Richmond less than an hour before Ainsworth was shot.

The home belonged to a man Amonie knew well enough to be given a key to his home. The search warrant states Amonie used that key to allow herself, Kearney, and Richmond into the home to steal things from it.
Investigators said Amonie was inside a nearby apartment with Richmond when Kearney shot Ainsworth


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