Raleigh woman pays $2,400 bill twice due to error in online bill payment

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Saturday, February 25, 2023
Raleigh woman pays bill twice due to online pay error
Paying bills online electronically is popular, but when a Raleigh woman paid her credit card bill online and the money didn't reach that account, she was stuck paying that bill twi

Paying bills online electronically is popular and for most of us convenient.

However, a Raleigh woman's faith in the system was tested after she paid her credit card bill online and the money didn't reach that account. She was stuck paying that bill twice.

Joy Mach has a big file of documentation in her efforts to try and resolve a dispute with an online bill payment of nearly $2,500. She says she went online and paid the $2420 bill, but it never went to her current Crate & Barrel account.

Bank of America picked up an old defunct account and the payment went to her old Crate & Barrel account which was administered by a different bank.

Mach says she tried to get this resolved on her own by filing complaints with all three banks involved, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

During that investigation, the bank that got Mach's payment said it sent the payment back to Bank of America, but never received confirmation. After six months and no resolution, Mach had to pay the bill again.

"It just it just irks me and it was a lot of money," a frustrated Mach tells ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Wilson reached out to Bank of America, who worked directly with Mach to resolve the case. She says it didn't take long for her payment of $2,420 to be credited to her account.

"Absolutely within 15 minutes I had a result, so there was no question about it. I don't think I would have ever gotten anywhere without your input and help," Mach said.

When it comes to online bill pay, it's always key to double-check that the account you pay is the right one, in this case, Mach says she did that, and this problem still happened.

Also, as soon as you catch a mistake, report it right away.


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