Winter Weather in November? Not likely, but possible

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Thursday, November 7, 2019
Models show chance of snow for NC
Some models give a chance for snow next week for central North Carolina.

Let's get this out of the way first...Is it going to snow on Tuesday night? At this point, No.

Now let's talk about snow this time of year. Can it happen? Yes. The earliest snowfall, of a 1/10th of an inch or more, has happened in November.

But it is not typical. Our average first snowfall day is in January. Yes, I know it snowed last year in December! But, if we look at the past 100+ years of data, January is the best bet for a bigger snowfall.

And, for us to get a heavier snowfall in the Carolinas, we have to have a couple of things all happen at once.

What needs to be in place for us to get snow.

We have to have cold air already in place. That is NOT the setup on Tuesday/Wednesday. We will see temps in the 50s on Tuesday.

Finally, one model does not a forecast make. Though the American model showed the snow possibility last night, the latest run shows only rain. The Euro (European) model also keeps it a rain event at this time. That being said, these could change, this far out, so we'll monitor it for the next week.

By the way, if you'd like to guess what day you think we'll get our first snow, just head to my Facebook page:

Stay warm over the next few days. Even without snow, it's gonna feel more like January around here through the weekend!