100 more North Carolina National Guardsmen to deploy to D.C. to aid in Biden Inauguration security

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Saturday, January 16, 2021
100 more NC National Guardsmen to deploy to D.C. for Inauguration
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Between North Carolina and D.C., there are 650 NC soldiers on standby to aid in security before and during the presidential inauguration.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Gov. Roy Cooper has called upon an additional wave of North Carolina National Guardsmen to deploy to Washington D.C. to aid in the security of President-elect Biden's inauguration on Wednesday.

One hundred additional North Carolina National Guard men and women will arrive in Washington D.C. on Monday, bringing the total number of NC citizen-soldiers at the nation's capital to 300 come Inauguration Day.

"To help make sure the inauguration is peaceful and secure as well as any issues that could arise from that in other states across the nation," said Lieutenant Colonel Matt Devivo of the North Carolina National Guard.

Cooper announced Wednesday he approved 200 Guard personnel to the nation's capital "based on threats of significant large-scale protests in D.C."

A Defense official said that the National Guard has now been authorized to have up to 20,000 Guardsmen in DC for inauguration security.

The most recent group of personnel heading to D.C. hail from the 105th Military Police Battalion, based in Asheville, the 30th Armored Brigade Combat Team, based in Clinton, and the 105th Engineers Battalion based in Raeford.

In North Carolina, there are about 350 Guard personnel on standby to aid in North Carolina starting this weekend to "support state and local authorities and protect the well-being of residents, property, and the right to peacefully assemble and protest."

"Our guard force can move anywhere it's required to be in our state in a matter of hours and Raleigh the capital region is an area that's seen large-scale protests," said Devivo.

Out of fear of possible violent protests, many government buildings and businesses in the state capital have begun to announce closures come January 20.

At least seven North Carolinians were arrested in last week's chaos at the U.S. Capitol -- including a Concord man who was seen loading ammo and weaponry to take to D.C.