'Adopt-A-Granny:' Cumberland County ministry's grocery outreach program expands services amid pandemic

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Monday, September 7, 2020
'Adopt-A-Granny': Cumberland County ministry's grocery outreach evolves with ongoing pandemic
'Adopt-A-Granny': Cumberland County ministry's grocery outreach evolves with ongoing pandemic

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Hope Mills ministry has been adopting grannies since March; but their services have slowly changed over the year.

Scotty Sweatt, the founder of SonRise Ministry, spent the week helping 60-year-old Lynese Beruse move out of her Fayetteville home.

"I'm always, always the giver and never the receiver," Beruse said. However, this time, Beruse was receiving some much needed help to move into her next Fayetteville home, after dealing with a caved-in ceiling.

'Adopt-A-Granny:' Fayetteville ministry starts grocery delivery service for seniors amid COVID-19

Beruse, who deals with several autoimmune diseases, called the "Adopt-A-Granny" hotline that Sweatt has had open since the pandemic started.


Originally, Sweatt would help purchase groceries for senior citizens in the Cumberland County area who were worried about contracting COVID-19.

"When she called, she was at her worst. She didn't know what she was going to do. And yeah, it makes me emotional thinking about that," Sweatt said.

So, in the last few months, people like Beruse have changed the "Adopt-A-Granny" program to include assisting people with other needs.

'Adopt-A-Granny' volunteer delivery service for seniors doubles in size throughout Cumberland County

"Kind of wanted to ask myself, 'Okay, would I do this for my granny?' and it qualified. 'Does it glorify God that we do this and help other folks?' it qualified, so now, we're movers," Sweatt said.

Sweatt gathered his volunteers, including his family, and started cleaning out Beruse's shed and moving furniture.

"Him and his wife have been really good to me and his guys," Beruse said.

Sweatt credits his faith and his mission to spread the gospel. "Faith without works is dead, it doesn't do anybody any good."

Work that Beruse is grateful for, "most definite they are needed, most definite."

SonRise Ministry is still open to adopting senior citizens who need help with groceries or other services they can't do on their own.