Diane Wilson - Troubleshooter at ABC11 WTVD
If you have been scammed, ripped off, or have a story you want investigated, Troubleshooter Diane Wilson wants to hear from you!

You can also post on Diane's Facebook page or tweet her at @DWilsonABC11.

Diane's investigative work has resulted in two national recalls: one involved more than three million washing machines; a second dealt with several kids' makeup products which contained asbestos. Diane and her photographer were honored with an Emmy for their series of stories: The Dangers Lurking in Kids' Makeup.

Diane grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and graduated from Gannon University in Erie, PA. She began her broadcasting career there and then worked in Rockford, IL, and Toledo, OH, where she won an Emmy for her story about local troops coming home. She has been with ABC 11 for fourteen years and has recovered nearly two million dollars in money, goods, and services for local viewers. She continues to enjoy the challenges her job presents each day.

In addition to helping viewers resolve their personal and business issues, the best part of moving here was getting married and starting a family. Diane and her husband have two daughters, and they enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather which enables them to explore all that the Raleigh-Durham area has to offer.

Diane's Stories
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