Big weather's big recipe: Sweet Potato Chili

Friday, October 2, 2020
Big Weather's Big Recipe: Sweet Potato Chili
A great cool weather recipe that low fat. Plus, it is sweet potato season at all the farmer's markets.

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. -- I had a request for a healthy recipe, and with the colder weather this weekend, I thought this would take care of both. It's an awesome recipe I came across several years ago and tweaked to my own.

And with no beans, it really cuts down on the gas factor. Plus, sweet potatoes are in season right now at the NC Farmer's Market. And if you're not a fan, they really aren't that sweet. Let's get to it...


2 pounds of ground turkey, the leaner the better

4 small sweet potatoes (or 2 big ones) chopped and peeled

1 sweet onion, chopped

6 large cloves of garlic, chopped (the smaller, the better)

1 t paprika

1 t cumin

t chili powder

t ground pepper

1 t salt

2 cans Rotel tomatoes with green chilies, 10oz.

16 oz of tomato sauce

1 Cups of Water

2 Bay Leaves


1. Chop all your stuff

2. Brown your turkey

3. Add Onions and Garlic and stir in. Cook over medium heat for 4 minutes

4. Add all your spices and cook over medium heat for 1 minute.

5. Add the tomatoes, sauce, water, and simmer on med low for 30-45 minutes covered. The longer the better.

6. Serve with low-fat shredded cheese and some fat-free sour cream.

That's it.

Couple of notes. You can add some cayenne pepper if you want to jump up the hot scale. Or you can buy the Rotel tomatoes that aren't mild. Though I like it, my family stays away from heat then I up my own in my bowl. And the longer the better on the simmering. I was amazed how the sweet potatoes aren't really sweet, but how they absorb the spices. So good! Good luck and good eating!!!